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KidNuz is the brainchild of four veteran broadcast journalists who believe that kids deserve a newscast all their own; one that delivers current events in a kid-friendly package, sparks curiosity, and gets them asking critical questions. Together with parents and teachers, KidNuz engages kids on issues that are relevant to them. Or soon will be.

Stephanie Kelmar, Founder/Editor

Stephanie is a 2-time Emmy award winning producer of KTVU-TV’s “Mornings On 2” newscast in the San Francisco Bay Area. She began her professional broadcast career producing radio talk shows while still a student at UC Berkeley. Since leaving the full-time working world to raise a family, Stephanie has written programs for an internet television channel, produced a monthly newsmagazine and produced Facebook Live broadcasts for a website geared towards millennials. Stephanie lives in Palo Alto with her husband, two children and their dog.

Ro Thomas Schwarz, Cofounder/Editor-in-chief

Ro is the 4-time Emmy award winning Creator and Executive producer of KTVU’s “Mornings on 2”. After more than a decade at the helm, she traded the control room for consulting to help stations across the country improve their formats, talent, writing and ratings. When the travel grew tiresome, she entered semi-retirement by producing a monthly newsmagazine and various videos as a freelancer. Through it all, Ro proudly raised her 4 children on a steady diet of current events and is thrilled to bring her passion for unbiased and age-appropriate news to a new generation.

Tori Campbell, Cofounder/Anchor

Tori is an award-winning broadcast journalist with 27 years of experience. She first worked as a radio reporter and producer in the New York metropolitan area and then in the San Francisco Bay Area. After developing a reputation as a strong, hard-working journalist, she was selected for the much sought-after position as co-anchor of the region’s #1 morning newscast, KTVU-TV’s “Mornings on 2″. Tori has done a variety of volunteer work, including producing and recording a weekly one-hour program reading news articles for the blind. When she’s not working, Tori spends her days cooking plant-based meals, exercising, traveling, reading historical fiction and spending time with family and friends. She has two grown sons and lives with her husband in Singapore.

Kimberly (Kim) Hunter, Editor/Anchor

Kim is an Emmy Award winning television reporter, an actor, Ironman Triathlete and former collegiate swimmer. Kim’s journalism experience includes more than a decade in television news, most recently as a correspondent for CNN and reporter for KTVU-TV in Oakland, CA. Kim earned an Emmy Award for her first person series on competing in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon World Championships in 1998, as well as Emmy Nominations for two other series. Kim works periodically in commercials and television, and has acted in spots for Xfinity, Northstar/Vail Ski Resorts, Karma Automotive, Footjoy, Hoka running shoes and Stanford Children’s Hospital as well as on the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why” and the HBO’s “Looking”. Her undergraduate degree is from Cal and she has a Masters In Journalism from Northwestern. Kim lives in Northern California with her husband, four children and white labrador retriever.

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