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Classroom listening to KidNuz

Welcome to the Teachers' Lounge

If you’re a regular listener, you know KidNuz loves its teachers. And that’s why we’ve created a space just for you. Come here for our daily quizzes, to find awesome resources for in-class and out-of-class enrichment and for everybody's favorite (drumroll please)...

A Classroom Shout Out!

Let's pump up that collective pride:

“Hey Ms. Gelbron's 5th Grade!,” “What’s up Room 4,” or “Toronto Thundercats are where it’s at.” Give us the basics, add some color commentary, and you might be one of the classrooms selected at random to receive some on-air love. 

Classroom listening to KidNuz

Question: What's a fun way to develop your students' listening comprehension?

Answer: The daily and weekly KidNuz quizzes.


Looking for resources to help enrich your curriculum? 

Our ever-growing "Keep Kids Learning" resource page is designed to help you keep your students inspired and learning. 

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