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Steps to fixing Apple Podcast delivery issues.

How to check your settings:

  • Go to the KidNuz show page on Apple Podcasts and look for a checkmark next to “following.” If it’s there, you’re good!

  • However, if you see a pause icon, or it’s giving you the option to “Follow,” two more steps are needed. First, click to re-follow, then select “Turn on automatic downloads" to receive all new KidNuz episodes as soon as we release them.

  • Feeling techie? On the top right of our show page, next to the ‘Follow’ button, look for an ellipsis (three dots). Click those dots and drop down to “Settings”.

  • On the Settings page, look for “Downloads” and set that to        “Default (All New Episodes)”. Other options include specifying a set amount of episodes or a specific length of time.

  • Lastly, to free up space, confirm that the “Remove Played Downloads” setting is “Default (On)”. This ensures that once you play a fun, fresh episode of KidNuz, it will bid your device bye-bye and make room for another. If it’s so good you want to listen a second time (!), you can manually download it from the Apple Episodes page without impacting your other settings.

Thank you for indulging us in this primer! We’re learning right along with you!

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