KidNuz: The 5-minute news podcast for in-the-know kids

By Mariam Haider November 20, 2019

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When Stephanie Kelmar’s son was eight years old, he became interested in current news and started reading his parents’ New York Times newspaper at the breakfast table. 

While this was an exciting milestone – her son was curious about the world and taking an active part in becoming informed — it was also an eye-opening moment for Kelmar.

“Often the front page of the newspaper would feature frightening headlines and photographs,” she tells Parentology. While she acknowledges the importance of those stories in the paper, she didn’t believe they were always appropriate for a young child to see. 

Wanting to foster her son’s budding curiosity, Kelmar searched for something she could present to him, but found herself facing a common struggle many parents share.

“When I looked around for a daily dose of news geared towards kids,” she says, “I couldn’t find anything.”

Presented with this dilemma, Kelmar decided to use her experience as a long-term television news producer and writer to do something about it. So she set out to create her own news outlet, with children as the audience. 

Kelmar shared the idea with Rosemarie Schwarz, a long-time colleague and fellow Emmy Award-winning newscast reporter. 

Schwarz is also a mom with four kids and shared Kelmar’s concern of what her kids were exposed to due to the nature of her work. 

“Because that was a 24/7 job,” Schwarz recalls of her time as executive producer of Mornings on 2 in the San Francisco area, “my kids probably heard and saw a bunch of stuff they shouldn’t have. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t shield them from it all.” 

So the idea of creating something just for children appealed to Schwarz, and she jumped on board as co-creator. 

KidNuz – The News Podcast for Kids