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Summer Fun

A curated list of camps and classes offering online activities with offline fun.



  1. Super Soccer Stars. Get them off the couch and back on the pitch with virtual and in-person classes and camps. 

  2. United States Tennis Association Virtual Camp. Ace! Get a wicked serve with live workout follow-alongs and Facebook live workouts every Friday at 1 p.m. 

  3. National Academy of Athletics. Skills and drills across a wide range of sports. Each session includes 5 days of pre-recorded workouts.

  4. Nike US Sports Camp. With over 35 sports featured in Nike's Summer camps, you're sure to find something to entertain and engage!

Arts & Crafts

  1. Art Camp in a Box (age 5-12) Ten different projects with different mediums, all delivered right to your door. Plus daily Zoom classes followed by an online art show! Space still available for August.

  2. Art Camp 504. (age 5-13) A variety of interactive arts classes in everything from DIY board game creation to virtual theater and printmaking. Daily Zoom classes and a virtual art show at the end.


Science & Tech

  1. iD Tech (age 7-19) Courses built around the hottest tech. Partnerships with top universities. Siblings join for free! 

  2. Camp Connected. (age 8-13) Minecraft and Roblox design and coding and an e-sports league for Fortnite and Overwatch fans. Each camp is one week long, 90 minutes/day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  1. Baketivity Bake-A-Camp. Let your kids do the cooking! Weekly themed baking kits arrive at your door with pre-packaged, pre-measured ingredients and hands-on instructions. Each week gets a little more advanced.

  2. Magic Kitchen: First-year Magic Students! (age 9-14) Your student will learn how to cook and make favorite dishes from a magic based fantasy world. 

  3. International Kids Cooking (age 7-12) Take a trip around the world, one cuisine at a time! Kids spend four weeks learning how to make foods from China, Japan, France and Germany. Culture lessons are the cream on top.


  1. Camp Lessonface.  All ages.  Don’t stop the music! 2 -week online, intensive programs that include classes, demonstrations, sing-alongs and talent shows.

  2. Songwriting Camp: Introduction to Songwriting (age 8-12) In this one-week camp, students will learn how to create their very own original songs.

  3. Beginning Music Production & Songwriting Using GarageBand: Summer Camp! (age 9-12) Join us for a fun and engaging course covering the basics of GarageBand, music production, and song writing!

For Animal Lovers

  1. The Bronx Zoo (K-8) Week-long programs that take kids behind-the-scenes to learn about the animals and zoo-related careers. Hands-on projects that help bring science to life.

  2. ColumbusZoo2U. A wild time for all ages. Daily, 2 hours live interaction with a camp counselor, behind the scenes video, downloadable family activities, and free admission once the zoo reopens!

  3. Pets In Need: Youth Program. (ages 9-12) Our camps are filled with educational activities, crafts and games, interaction with our animals, and tons of fun! Camp PIN Pals is designed to provide an engaging experience for young animal lovers and an opportunity to learn about animals. We host camp throughout the year with spring, summer, and winter sessions.


  1. Little Medical School.  The doctor is in! Virtual training for kids and teens interested in helping others. Courses for wanna-be MDs, vets, sports docs and EMTs.

  2. Money Camp.  (11 and up) Teach them to save for a rainy day!  Students learn how their money mind-set plays a significant role in their future financial success through collaborated student activities.

  3. Little Passport. (6-9+) Two ‘camps in a box’ to choose from: One, will take kids on an around the world journey, the other is packed with experiments to explore science. 6 days of activities, 3-4 hours/day.



  1. Brain Chase (ages 7-14) A 6-week academic adventure featuring a scavenger hunt,  scholastic objectives, and a missing golden nugget!

  2. Varsity Tutors. (ages 5-18) Keep the neurons firing! Weeklong, fully interactive sessions on a variety of subjects from the Science of Fireworks and Bee Stings to French and math!

  3. Reading Rockets (ages 6 and up) Get their nose in a book! An online reading club with 24 subject choices, from dinosaurs to time travel and sports! Paired with activities and apps.

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For Animal Lovers

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