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Day in and day out, our seven-minute podcast lights a learning fire! Stoke that curiosity with teacher-driven, monthly worksheets designed to get those neurons pumping in exciting new directions!

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Noodler Nuggets

Nuggets submitted by:

Miss Ivy Davis-Palmer's 3rd Grade Class
Pulaski Elementary
Savannah, Georgia


Imagine how your favorite game could be modified to make it dog-friendly? Draw a picture showing the updated game and its features.


Video games are the next furry frontier according to an Axios report that says they may actually help aging canine brains stay active. A UK-based company is using doggie testers to try out different formats including a version of whack-a-mole with a custom saliva-resistant touch-screen console that the dogs operate with their snouts. Unlike your video games, these dispense dog-alicious treats when Fido succeeds. The company has not yet set a release date, but says they are also working on a leaderboard, because owners of the pooches testing their products keep asking how their pups stack up.  

Critical Thinking Samples
Critical Thinking Samples
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Critical Thinking Samples
Critical Thinking Samples
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